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The Olgacom Scandal Explained: the connection of New World Order, China, Chemtrails & Big Business

June 23, 2011

I made a video to explain. Please send this to all who are ready to know.

Can there be a connection?

June 22, 2011

Sinochem employees kidnapped in Colombia.

We know that Sinochem Group responsible for global geoengineering projects has big investments in Colombia with oil industry. Last week  Sinochem employees were kidnapped there. Maybe they found out what is going on? They always blame farc, it is too easy. I don’t believe it.

Also Willen-Alexander does project there with ‘water management’ for Agenda 21, a conspiracy to facilitate waste dumping for the Dutch chemical companies:

Threat email from Olgacom employee

June 19, 2011

Today I get this email from an address. They know that I can publish this email, it shows that they do not care because nobody can get to them anyway. They are not in Poland only but on several countries, most in Asia. We need more people to sign the petition so that I can go to Polish parlement and ask them about this. You can sign here:

here is the precise text:

Miss Wacek, I want to remind you that you signed a confidentiality agreement. We are currently monitoring your online behavior and recommend you to no longer engage in these activities. Think of your friends.

Kind Regards,
R. Vanderbilt

I checked the IP address of the sender and it is from Internet company in Denmark, same as the Olgacom website.

I did indeed sign condfidentiality agreement, but I feel that people need to know truth instead of keeping mouth shut. I keep a copy of this, I photograph so you can see it:

I will not stop getting you the information to make up your mind and help stop this global attack on our health. I have taken some documents when I left Olgacom, and will publish them, may be even to Wikileaks if they want.

Protest Olgacom Bilderberg NWO and multinational company puppet!

June 13, 2011

all the companies i know involved in this project. could be more. Prince Willem Alexander is important lobbyst for these aerosol spraying and waste dumping. Our job is to make awareness about this Bilderberg & China support crimes.

olgacom project company overview

bilderberg olgacom puppet

More update on China Olgacom Project in Poland

June 11, 2011

found this picture on chinese new site from November 2010 of their  ‘good-will visit’ to poland. Something is going on here I know Patryk Tretyakow from the Olgacom has met with this senate man in september 2010, right before. why is nobody seeing these connection??

Poland surrender to Chinese geoengineers

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: sign “STOP OLGACOM” online petition!!

May 25, 2011

Sign My Petition Here


Polish company Olgacom is destroying this world and the people living here. they do geo engineering in Poland and Vietnam and maybe more countries.

Olgacom involved in Chinese Social Engineering Project

May 9, 2011

More Proof: Chemtrails above Gdansk!

March 6, 2011



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