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The Olgacom Scandal 2011

new world order Olgacom Project

I want to warn you about one of biggest attacks on human and animal life in this world. You know the airplanes are every day flying over and making us sick. A couple of big companies speculate against this basic human right of breathing and being healthy. I worked for company called Olgacom for two years, from 2007 to 2009. You can see on their website they look like normal company, in airline catering. Olgacom is owned by Patryk Tretyakow and his grandson Ulryk Tretyakow. They do not only sell airline food, they are much bigger than that. I know this from facts. In November 2003, Olgacom signed contract with Polish chemical company, Ciech Chemical Group. In November 2010, China signed a big trade agreement with Poland. The detail of the deals was not made public. There is a video of polish economy minister Waldemar Pawlak standing next to Jia Qinglin, chairperson of the CCPPC. During this meeting, Polish chemical company Ciech signed a contract with Chinese state owned chemical company Sinochem Plastic. Sinochem Plastic is part of on of the biggest and powerful Chinese state company Sinochem Group. In 2008, Sinochem took over Monsanto’s butachlor and alachlor businesses and certain other assets.

Olgacom Global is not mentioned, but they are the most important company in this network. They do not want you to know about them, almost no one knows they exist. They take care of the logistics of dumping chemicals by commercial airliners and geoengineering. We know that China already use weather manipulation and geo-engineering with Olympics in 2008. They are involved in social engineering projects in Vietnam and Poland, using aerosol planes to experiment on whole population, and dumping chemical waste. We know this secret airplanes fly over the whole day in Poland, and making people sick. There is many proof. Look at this map. Right now, they are testing in Gdansk area and little town Chi Linh, in north of Vietnam, close to China border. There has been reports of Morgellons disease there, in a scientific research from 2010. They want to know how to control population by controlling the air environment.

But it is even much bigger than only Poland and Vietnam, Dutch state and Bilderberg controlled company DSM is also in it. From March 28 to March 31 2011, Prince Willem-Alexander of Netherlands and economy mister Henk Bleeker visit Vietnam with business delegation, they also go to Dutch chemical company DSM in Shanghai. Bleeker meet there with Sinochem CEO Deshu liu. He helps Royal DSM get global contracts. In January 2011, Sinochem Group has taking the capital interest of fifty procent in DSM Anti-Infectives division for 210 million euro. They have already company division in Thuan an district. Mainstream Media say the Prince of the Netherland is in Vietnam for climate change and water management. That is just cover-up. DSM en Sinochem co-finance Olgacom aerosol project in Poland and Chi Linh. Willem-Alexander is of course part of Bilderberg group (see here proof that he was at the 2009 meeting) and friend of Obama, who he visited on 11 september 2009 and has admitted US weather modification project. Willem Alexander is also a pilot! His mother Queen Beatrix and Prince Bernard was important members of the New World Order where the elite banks and the company rule this world. They are too scared of over-population and chaos and disease for their own profit. These companies want to have monopoly over anti-infectives for the disease that they cause and make lot of money instead. Please help me get the real truth about Olgacom. They are the center of this social engineering and waste dumping programs. please sign my petition.  please check it out and also comment on this post. We need your support.

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